Buy Cheap SCADA

Buying SCADA in the UK can be an expensive business!

This can be confirmed by comparing the cost of identical systems in the UK and elsewhere. Typically SCADA costs twice as much in the UK as it does in other countries.

Restricted licences, rising development costs and yearly system integrator fees all add up to mean that SCADA as a whole has not been a great deal for UK buyers.

One of the main contributors to the high cost is the legacy code that is effectively bespoke to each application. This is costly to develop, maintain and adapt to changing requirements.

The introduction of Movicon SCADA to the UK is now changing this situation completely. Movicon is a SCADA/HMI platform based completely on XML and Web Services technologies such as Windows Vista and Windows CE, so is fully open and flexible. This creates an all-in-one development environment for managing HMI, SCADA, statistical production data analysis and reporting applications.

This makes it scalable from the smallest local controls to vast plant-wide multi-functional systems, all of which are easily adaptable and extendable so able to evolve and meet changing user needs. It’s high level of connectivity means it can integrate with hardware, software, complementary systems and advanced technologies such as 3D graphics, animation, augmented reality and the Internet of Things.

Despite this massive capability Movicon is intuitively simple to use, maintain and adapt. Thus, users can develop a system with ease, install and use it without constantly paying license renewal fees or requiring specialist support services from a systems integrator.

Movicon is also futureproofed. It is almost inevitable that a production plant and its control system will need to evolve over time, perhaps to increase throughput, meet new needs, produces new products, reduce energy consumption or meet new reporting requirements. Movicon SCADA can be adapted and expanded at will,  simply, effectively and at little cost – unlike traditional SCADA systems that generally require major re-engineering efforts to accommodate any changes whatsoever.