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Vision 600 series datasheet

Vision 500/600/900 Series datasheet

Flat Front Panel Design

General HS brochure 2014

General HS brochure 2014


Microbox brochure 2014

Microbox brochure 2014


GRugged Tablets brochure 2014

Rugged Tablets brochure 2016

DesignDurable & VersatileTablet PCs

Vision 500 Series Catalogue

Vision 500 Series Catalogue

Flat Front Panel with IP65 Design

Silicon Keyboards brochure 2016

Silicon Keyboards brochure 2016

Specially designed industrial keyboards

P4A is the UK and Ireland distributor for the Italian manufacturer of Industrial PC's, Monitors, Microbox systems and keyboards

The Industrial PC (IPC) range from screen sizes between 5.4" and 21.5".

The variations are:

Vision series

They are a fanless low cost Resistive or Capacitive touch screen with screen sizes from 7" to 19" and have Dual Core ATOM processors with 2 Gbyte of RAM and either Solid State or Hard disk Drives. All units have 2 Ethernet ports, USB and serial ports and are IP65 rated for the front panel and are panel mounting.

Basic series

The screen size range from 6.5" to 17" and support true flat screen resistive touch (zero bezel) and are either Intel ATOM Dual Core or Intel Core i3/ i5/ i7 processors with Solid State or Hard disk Drives and up to 8 Gbyte RAM and 1 mini PCie expansion slot. All systems have Ethernet, USB and Serial ports with one USB port on the IP65 front panel.

Compact series

Resistive screen sizes range from 12" up to 19" and can have either Intel ATON Dual Core or i3/ i5/ i7 processors with Solid State or Hard Disk Drives and up to 16 Gbyte RAM. All have Ethernet, USB and Serial ports with the IP65 front panel having a front mounted USB. The IPC's can have 2 full expansion slots if required.

Compact series monitors

These are a similar specification to the Compact series IPC with screen sizes from 8" to 19".

New Wide series IPC

These are 15.6", 18.5" or 21.5" TFT LCD resistive touch screen with zero bezel and maximum colours of 16.2 million. Processors are either Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel i3/ i5/ i7 with up to 16 Gbyte RAM and Solid State or Hard Disk drives. All systems have Ethernet, USB and Serial ports with one USB port on the IP65 front panel.

Microbox IPC

These are compact fanless or fan IPC's with Intel ATOM or Intel i series processors with up to 8 Gbyte RAM. All system can have either PCI, Mini PCie or a combination depending on the model.

All systems are either 220 - 240 V AC or 9 - 36 V DC and come with either Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 and can also have Linux, Windows XP embedded or Windows 7 Embedded.

The Compact series can also be fitted with Stainless Steel bezels if required.

We also have a full range of Industrial keyboards.