™, SCADA technology for Building Automation™ software will empower your building supervision activities with greater openness and scalability than any other software.

Integrated building management necessitates a control system through which the user can manage all the different systems used throughout the building. These include those for illumination, air conditioning, security, power grids, access control, maintenance and any other building auxiliary service.™ has been designed to make this happen by allowing the user to manage all of these various systems throughout the entire building.™ provides all the advantages of modern software with very flexible solutions.™ software will empower your building supervision activities with greater openness and scalability than any other software.

Due to the flexibility of™, you will be able to integrate your building management systems in any type of architecture, such as PC Server or Desktop, Media Center, Touch Panel (Windows Embedded). You will also be able to access your system over the Web using any browser with the HTML5 technology or using APPs for Smartphones or Tablets, from wherever and whenever.™ is based on Progea’s modern Automation Platform.NExT,an innovative software solution which integrates technology such as .NET, OPC UA, WPF and HTML5.™ is the supervision solution designed for Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation.  It is very simple to use and comes with detailed documentation and a support website. The website has been designed to provide the developer community a rich source of useful information and examples to make learning easier and to reduce project development times.

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What are the advantages of using this product?

Scalability™ has been designed to guarantee maximum scalability. It offers an all-in-one development environment for modular solutions that are flexible and easy to integrate within the platform. The scalable™ architecture is remarkably cost effective, reduces development time and offers unlimited modes of deployment.


The graphics environment is based on WPF and supports powerful external tools such as Expression Blend for creating XAML graphics. The powerful and integrated VB.NET language standard guarantees a wide range of customizations.

Integration with all Systems™ offers the advantage of hardware independency that allows you to use the same software on PCs, Touch Screen or Mobile devices connected with all the building control systems using buses such as EIB/Konnex and LON, BACNet, centers such as Notifier, Elkron and others, and system buses with Modbus RTU or TCP interface plus many others. TVCC and IP Video Cameras can also be integrated. You are free to decide and choose the system that is best for you and use the same software for all. This ensures you get the maximum flexibility of deployment while safeguarding your investment.

Performances™ guarantees optimum performances in PC embedded as well thanks to the renewed exception-based technology concept and enhanced real-time data management concepts. The historical logging functions offer open, performing and reliable solutions.

Powerful and Simple Editor™ offers a simple configuration environment that is intuitive and comes complete so that projects can be created in less time. Many features are included to ensure enriched and simple to configure projects using the ready-to-use objects and resources. The powerful VB.NET offer powerful functions, multithreading and Power templates.™ has a logic editor to create sequential logic using the function block graphics editor.

Drivers, OPC UA and DA connectivity™ includes a large number of integrated and ready-to-use communication drivers to connect to the main systems and devices used in building automation. These include networks, buses, instrumentation, specific controllers and devices. The main drivers include importers to avoid errors and to spend less time configuring. In addition, the platform offers full support to the OPC UA technology (IEC 62541 standard), both as Client and as Server.
A SDK along with a “Shared Memory” driver ensure openness needed to create your own drivers autonomously.

Vector Graphics™ offers design engineers the use of a vector graphics editor based on the new WPF/XAML rendering technology with 2D and 3D graphics support. It also offers libraries rich in purpose-built and configurable objects and symbols that come with at least 16 animation properties and powerful control functions. Design engineers are completely free to customize them as required as well as use the supported BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG multimedia formats and the Power Templates technology in doing so.

Powerful and all-inclusive Alarm Management™ offers a powerful and totally configurable Alarm Management with support to the ISA S-18 normative. Alarms are stored on a database for subsequent chronological or statistical analysis The Alarm Dispatcher sends notifications to personnel by SMS, Email or VOIP.

Data Recording on Database

The™ Data Server efficiently records all data managed for the Automation Platform.NExT platform using the Historian and Data Logger technology. The Virtual File System (VFS) offers data extraction in respect to the data recording support utilized. Data is recorded in Microsoft SQL Server format for default. It is also possible to use the predisposed connectors for the Oracle and My SQL databases or Microsoft Azure for Cloud technology as well.

Reports, Trends and Data Analysis™ provides you with powerful analyzing and reporting tools to use no matter where you have decided to record your historical data. You will find Trends, Charts, Tables, Data Analysis and a built-in powerful Report Designer offering you sophisticated analysis solutions local and over the web. Historical data analyzing is totally integrated and does not require additional tools and consents access to any DB, data extraction and chart and table representation. The Report Designer allows you to create and manage reports locally.

Maximum level of Protection™ integrates all the different possibilities of managing security at top levels. The User Management provides authentication for the accessing and auditing of any of the project’s functions. Data can be recorded on a protected DB and be encrypted. The CFR21 Part 11 normative is supported to create projects that conform to the most stringent normative.
The fully automatic Redundancy Management permits the use of systems in Mission Critical applications.

Web Enabled™ offers Web Client technology to access your automation systems from wherever you happen to be using popular browsers, smartphones and tablets. Multi-users, bidirectionality, performance and security are all guaranteed to help reduce set up costs and maintenance. Servers are scalable from Windows™ 10 to Windows Embedded.
The HTML5 is browser independent and the APPs support smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS.

Performances and Reliability™ is the ideal solution for systems needing embedded hardware and performance. Fast communication and real-time data management as well as the enhanced classic graphics ensure performances even with the minimum hardware used as required by embedded systems and Windows CE.

Designed for Building Automation™ offers technology and features especially designed for Building Automation. It is not just about connecting to building systems; it also has other important functions such as Voice Recognition to execute commands vocally, energy consumption analysis tools, programmable schedulers and programmable maintenance.