Movicon CE is the runtime engine for Windows CE that offers the most powerful and open HMI software available on the market.

By just using the one development platform your Movicon XML projects can be run on Win32, Win64 or WinCE indifferently. Movicon™ CE is the most powerful HMI platform available for Windows™ CE today, entirely capable of satifisying your every need in visualization and control in a compact environment without forgoing the potentiality of the Scada system.


Movicon CE Overview

Movicon CE is a runtime engine for Windows CE that offers powerful and open HMI solutions. By just using the one development platform your Movicon XML projects can be run on Win32, Win64 or WinCE indifferently. Movicon™ CE is the most powerful HMI platform available for Windows™ CE today, entirely capable of satisfying your every need in visualization and control in a compact environment without forgoing the potentiality of the Scada system.

Movicon™ CE is a runtime engine with runs the same Movicon™ 11 XML projects. Your projects can therefore be run on your HMI device, in operator terminals, PDA, Palmtop PCs, Smartphones, mobile and Wireless Systems (Pocket PC and HPC2000), autonomously and independently, without needing client stations and other applications. In fact, your WinCE device can be the Server or Web Server itself, to other client stations. Movicon™ CE, installed on your WinCE device will therefore run projects created by your Movicon™11 platform: one project only, the same file, run on different platforms all made possible by the project’s XML structure. This means greater management simplicity, significant reductions in maintenance costs and maximum information transparency.


Movicon CE Runtime Features

Thanks to Movicon CE your Scada/HMI platform offers you the complete flexibility you need for any your visualization. Just one development studio for any supervision project, from Windows CE to Windows desktop (Win32/64).

XML based Projects

In terms of costs, having all you need in just one programming environment to develop your projects, means you save. And not only, the Movicon™ 11 XML structured projects allow you to run the same project file both in Windows™ Vista/XP and WinCE, without having to be compiled first.
Movicon™11 consents uploading and downloading of projects from and to devices, and remote debugging of projects run locally on the device.

Unmatched Graphics

The powerful Movicon™ CE graphics management allows you to create HMI projects with great visual impact never graphically seen before and achievable within a few seconds with great ease and simplicity using the built-in and ready-to-use object libraries.

IP Camera Visualization

Movicon™ 11 has a viewer object for IP camera visualization, which can be inserted in any screen and parameterized. This IP camera viewer object can also be used in WinCE™ panels for image distribution, and accessibility through the web.

Powerful Alarm Management

The Alarms consent to powerful solutions, with visualization and Historical logging completely customizable. The Movicon™ CE Alarms also support the 4 standard operating states (ON, OFF, ACK, RST) according to the ISA S-18 normative, but they can be customized in the way they work (events, colors, representations) and given custom help and set with conditioned events. The Alarms’ historical Log, recycled files, support filters and can be arranged into different order bys. Movicon™ CE also integrates the alarm notification system by SMS and E-mail.

Multi Drivers

Movicon™ CE has numerous communication drivers for communicating with all the most popular PLCs and simultaneously. The serial and network communications support wireless connectivity (ie. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), ideal for mobile devices. The OPC technology is supported as OPC Client.

Historicals, DataLoggers and Recipes on DB

The Movicon™ CE historicals consent to recording and storing data and recipes in text files (.dat, .xml or crypted files) with the IMDB technology (InMemory DB), and in Relational DBs (MsSQL CE). When opting to use a Relational DB, Movicon™ will automatically convert the Desktop project’s connections to ADOCE connections in the target. In this way historicals can still be recorded in the Relational DB and integrated with business information systems (ie. SQL Server). Movicon™ 11 introduces support to the new Ms SQL CE 3.0, which offers many advantages in Data integration and synchronization with the Ms SQL Server 2005.

Integrated VBA and PLC Logic

Movicon™ CE offers an exclusive advantage in supporting total VBA power (Visual Basic for Application comp.) in Windows CE as well. Movicon is the only Scada/HMI product that can guarantee VBA code syntax storage in your WinCE device too. So you can forget VB Script limits and slowness. With Movicon™ CE you can keep VBA code intact, with an even greater advantage of keeping the project intact no matter what platform you use.

Just as for desktop, the Movicon™ CE version also offers the option to use IL logic tasks (PLC type AWL language) and permits you to exploit the WinCE realtime characteristics to obtain I/O control, almost like a true PLC.

Logicon IEC 1131

Movicon™ integrates softlogic IEC-61131 programming support. The edited programs are executable from the ProConOS realtime kernel available also for Windows CE.P

Security and 21 CFR Part 11

Movicon™ CE opens up a whole new security concept to HMI systems. All project functionalities are subjected to protection with 1024 levels and 16 Paccess areas. Each Tag permits you to define its protection Plevel and traceability. All functions for user sharing with the Windows™ server domain can be managed in automatic. PC access can be totally projected with the already implemented and ready-to-use 21 CFR Part 11 normative, to create projects conforming to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 normative with Windows CE as well.


Movicon CE, Hardware Independent

Movicon™ CE provides you with the possibility to create compact and powerful HMI visualization systems. Movicon™ CE can be deployed in HMI system based on small and compact Touch Screens, based on Windows CE 5.0 or 6.0. For instance, Movicon™ CE is the HMI software for 320×240 color Touch Panels (1/4 of VGA) but can also be scaled in grey, up to high-grading terminals with 6”, 8” 10” monitors and superior. Other typical Movicon™ CE applications have been deployed onboard mobile and wireless systems (PocketPC such like), both as supervision Client stations and ‘stand alone’ mobile applications. Thanks to Movicon™ CE, the operator terminal becomes a small Scada station, offering independency from hardware and network connectivity with superior information systems (Scada, MES managerial) enhancing onboard machine potentiality.

Movicon CE has been installed and tested with several industrial HMI devices which include:

  • ADS-Tech
  • AdvantechTPC
  • Asem
  • Beckhoff CX1000
  • B&R Power Panel
  • ConPro9 – Sisav
  • Divus
  • Exor
  • ESA Elettronica
  • Future Pad Fujitsu
  • Hardware Solutions
  • IPS
  • Keba
  • Mettler & Fuchs
  • MSC Computers
  • Pilz HMI
  • Phoenix Contact
  • ProFace
  • ROI Computer
  • Siemens MP277
  • Siemens MP377
  • Sitek
  • Suetron
  • Techmark