Automation Platform.NExT is a revolutionary SCADA platform from Progea, the makers of Movicon. Designed to be future-proof for ease of integration with emerging technologies, Automation Platform.NExT truly is SCADA for the .NExT automation generation.
A plug-in modular platform guarantees scalability, enabling the creation of functional modules for the latest automation requirements. Scalability and openness are achieved due to a new industrial software architecture offering integrating function modules to service the application demands of any plant. This empowers end users to achieve the optimum solutions for HMI, Supervision, MES, Historian, Industrial Analysis, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Connectivity and Augmented Reality.

Written from first principles on the .NET framework, Progea has guaranteed the utmost reliability and security to achieve mission critical solutions. Built after four years of intensive research and testing, Automation Platform.NExT ensures businesses who need to utilise the latest cutting edge technology solutions to achieve control can do so with ease. Such features make Automation Platform.NExT the most innovative software technology for automation available today for deployment flexibility.

Modular industrial .NET framework with OPC UA information model

Modular design enables total versatility, as configurations and associated plug-ins can be customised to suit applications. Built to evolve and serve the latest technologies to market, users can truly create a monitoring and control system that attains the principles of IIoT. Engage with the latest automation technologies with ease to maximise efficiency and profitability. OPC UA support further allows more integration options, providing increased communications for one of the most highly utilised network protocols in the industry.

I/O Data Server – Data Server applications with total industrial connectivity

Progea provides total collation of information by Address Space, gathering variables connected to field devices. The I/O server supports all data types, eliminating traditional boundaries and allowing users to define their own data types. Communication is built on the OPC UA model, ensuring efficient, safe and open communications. The I/O Driver management uses specific protocols for field devices such as Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, Modbus, Profibus, PROFINET, Konnex, EtherCAT and PowerLink. Information can be assigned to tags that are then populated to the connected objects, allowing the centralisation of properties into global information centres.

HMI client applications based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)

Automation Platform.NExT uses the innovative technologies required to allow automation software developers to embrace radical changes in device interaction, meeting current and emerging user expectations for increased interface functionality. Development features include controls, data association, lay out, choice of 2D or 3D graphics, animations, styles models, documents, multimedia elements, text and typography. Furthermore, WPF takes advantage of a vector graphics-rendering engine independent of the resolution, allowing maximum utilisation of Direct X hardware components.

OPC UA server connectivity modules

Automation Platform.NExT supports all OPC UA communications, including Data Access (DA), Alarms & Conditions (A&C) and Historical Analysis (HA). As one of the most prevalent network communication platforms in the world, integrators and plant operators now have increased flexibility when it comes to SCADA implementation.

Runtime Module for Win10 IoT for IIoT HMI and data collection applications

Take a step closer to Industry 4.0 with Automation Platform.NExT support for IIoT device communications. Network multiple devices across your facility and beyond with unrivalled analysis capabilities. Synergise your processes to the utmost efficiency, while enabling the ease of access for integration and control demanded for the next generation of automation. Access and monitor your facility anywhere at any time, bringing the full convenience of cloud computing.

Historian and Data Logger Module for recording data in SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL and Azure databases

Efficient data recording is enabled by embracing SQL Database and the Cloud. SQL is the leading database product on the market for Windows operating systems, making it a natural choice for powerful and reliable operation. Information stored on the Cloud can be accessed anywhere, allowing users to monitor and analyse processes away from the facility. This can enable truly 24/7 access to relevant information to speed up diagnosis, achieve solutions as fast as possible or enable easy sharing of relevant data.

Data Analysis and Plant Intelligence Modules for OEE, KPI, Downtime and Energy Efficiency

Analyse the parameters that affect your bottom line easily and efficiently. Generate reports to analyse certain processes and their performance. Optimise your facility to achieve increased productivity, or create analysis for any period of time to show progression in process development. A rich graphical interface enables statistics to be generated in a speedy and intuitive manner.

Apps for augmented reality devices that integrate with various platform modules

Put your visualisations at the very forefront of the augmented reality revolution. With increased graphical capabilities tailored to the latest platforms, users can experience their facility and processes like never before.

Web client for HTML5 visualization and analysis or by using apps for Android or iOS mobile devices

Control your processes from an iOS or Android app for your phone or tablet, with the Cloud providing total access to the latest data and reports, along with real time feedback from your facility. HTML5 technology also means local HMI screen interfaces can be deployed on the web, allowing users to manage systems, even when they are not on the premises.