Movicon Pro.Lean

Movicon Pro.Lean has been designed to boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through constant real time measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) so that efficiency, output, quality and downtime can be optimised by helping remove production inefficiencies.

By providing full production information via real time dashboard reports, archived records and multi-facetted analysis, Pro.Lean enables users to detect and address weak spots in production systems and thus drive gains in quality, productivity and profitability according to lean manufacturing principles.

On average, even well-established manufacturing companies performs at just 60% of their full potential performance capacity. Thus incremental improvements to production efficiency via an increase in OEE will create a sustainable increase in returns. Pro.Lean enables this by automating the continuous gathering and analysis of KPIs, so that OEE values can be calculated to highlight actual and potential production capacity.

The Pro.Lean module enables improvements in the four key areas of efficiency, downtime, production and quality. Collected data is presented in real-time using bespoke graphical dashboards which can be displayed on local HMIs, in the control room or via the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The live data also feeds into archives to update sophisticated analytical reports that fully detail production performance.

Inefficiencies are easily identified, with details on where, when and why production was sub-optimal. These reports can be customised and integrate with other information for cross-referencing with say sales, materials deliveries or sister plants’ performance.

Pro.Lean enables communications with any field device or system through open interfaces, making it easy to collect and record the maximum amount of information. Data can be collected from controllers, actutators, I/O and instrumentation. Communication drivers for all common control system protocols are included, and the technology is OPC UA compliant as both Client and Server. Communication drivers for IIoT system integration is also offered, along with direct connection to management level systems.

All of this allows meaningful analysis of KIPs and highlights specific areas with improvement potential, meaning Pro.Lean offers a rapid return on investment.