Movicon Pro.Energy

Energy management systems have become supremely important for today’s process plant operators, as efficient use is critical for counteracting rising prices. Movicon Pro.Energy helps business managers analyse and understand their consumption of all types of fuel, allowing knowledge-based decision making strategies to be developed and implemented.

Movicon Pro.Energy enables users to integrate different types of meters installed into a control network in order to measure consumption in real-time. It also records and aggregates readings in a relational database for analysis by time period, carrier, cost centre etc. Thus Movicon Pro.Energy provides clear and objective information on energy usage and helps identify appropriate corrective measures to improve efficiency.

Movicon Pro.Energy is supplied with installation wizards to aid speedy set-up and is simple to use. In fact it automatically collects, records and processes energy usage data, then with just a few mouse clicks it can build databases in multiple formats, drive dashboard displays and compile reports.

The connectivity capabilities of Movicon means Pro.Energy can support any measuring device, including network analysers, multimeters, counters, PLCs, etc. Drivers such as Modbus and BacNet are simple to configure for Pro.Energy, while OPC UA technology provides connectivity to enterprise IT systems. Open communications and IIoT potential makes Pro.Energy universally deployable and hardware independent.

Real time information is instantly displayed via dashboards on plantside HMIs, in control rooms, via the web or on mobile devices. High performance graphics make this information clear, concise and instantly understandable.

The analysis tools embedded into Movicon Pro.Energy mean the fundamental Energy Performance Indicators are simple to monitor and analyse, while information can be adapted for different requirements. For instance, operational managers may need only data pertaining to one shift, energy consumption for individual product runs can be identified, or particular machines can be monitored separately. Thus highly detailed investigations can be conducted to identify specific efficiency performances.

Movicon provides a complete, flexible and comprehensive solution of certifying energy consumption and driving ever-improving energy efficiency. It integrates fully and seamlessly with SCADA and other control systems and can make an immediate and direct contribution to a company’s bottom line performance and CO2 emissions management.