Movicon SCADA Price

Are you paying too much for your SCADA?

This is the question that P4A (Products 4Automation) likes to ask users and potential users of SCADA control systems. And the answer is all too often a resounding YES! Compared to prices in other European countries, British processing companies are regularly paying up to twice as much as necessary.

Not previously available in the UK, P4A is promoting Movicon to cure this market imbalance. P4A is the approved UK distributor for Italian control engineers and world class innovators Progea. Typical Movicon packages cost on average 50% less than equivalent systems from competitive suppliers, yet offer comparable or superior levels of functionality, scalability and connectivity.

To date SCADA systems have been more expensive in the UK than anywhere else. Restricted licences, rising development costs and yearly system integrator fees all add up to mean that SCADA as a whole hasn’t been a great deal for UK buyers. With Movicon, P4A can supply a genuine alternative without the premium cost.

Movicon offers users of mainstream SCADA systems all the functionality of their existing systems but at half price! What’s more P4A is offering unlimited free development licences for users and system integrators so that systems can be future proofed by being allowed develop and evolve over time as requirements and expectations change.

With no legacy code platform Movicon is the only SCADA/HMI platform completely based on XML and Web Services technologies, such as Vista XP CE and Windows 7. making configuration easier and quicker than any comparable product.  The openness and flexibility of the Movicon architecture makes it the perfect SCADA/HMI supervision solution for modern applications, and it is easily applied to any automation project.

Movicon also provides integrated connectivity to the web, allowing server access using internet browsers in any platform. It provides many advantages over legacy SCADA systems, such as multiple options for data storage including SQL, mySQL, etc and the inclusion of a high performance report generator. Previously such capabilities were expensive add-ons that had to be integrated with the basic SCADA package.

So if you think you may be paying too much for your SCADA, compare your existing system to Movicon and see the difference.