About Movicon

Movicon is a world-leading software solution for visualisation, remote control, data acquisition, analysis and systems management for industrial automation, process control and other fields as diverse as traffic management, transportation, power generation, hydrocarbon refining, food manufacture, water distribution and sewage treatment.

Developed by Italian company Progea, Movicon is the fruit of 25 years’ experience in innovating at the leading edge of automation and industrial control. It has been used in over 100,000 applications worldwide, so is proven to have quality, reliability and adaptability at its very roots.

Movicon is constantly evolving and is available in several variations:

  • Movicon™ 11 is based on traditional and well-established technologies, unmatched for reliability, simplicity and performance. It is a secure and reliable SCADA solution that can be accessed remotely or from mobile devices.
  • Movicon.ba™ empowers complete building automation with full openness and total scalability. It seamlessly integrates lighting, HVAC, access and security, power grids, hot water and also automatically manages maintenance schedules.
  • Movicon Pro.Energyis the ideal solution for energy managers. It can analyse energy usage patterns and optimise them for the best possible consumption efficiency and lowest tariff charges.
  • Movicon Pro.Lean™ collects all production data and analyses it to calculate exact productivity performance indexes using KPI (key performance indicators) and OEE (overall equipment efficiency) to identify and measure all production downtime.
  • Movicon.Next™ is a revolutionary future-proof solution for supervision, remote control and SCADA/HMI applications. It provides an open and scalable platform for automation and offers full connectivity plus the latest generation of vector graphics rendering. Its modular format means customised systems can be easily developed for any applications.
  • Movicon Power HMI provides simple, powerful solutions for proprietary HMI projects. Movicon Power HMI is open, so can be used with HMI hardware from virtually any manufacturer. This makes system design, repairs, upgrades and extensions fast, simple and cost effective.