Products4Automation offer a number of bespoke packages for automation. Our HMI & SCADA package can be tailored based on your requirements. Combine a Movicon HMI with a vision IPC in a package that won’t break the bank and will set you apart from the competition.


Movicon HMI

  • Same development software as full Movicon SCADA
  • Only use 2 drivers from full driver list
  • Has no networking to comminicate to another Movicon system
  • Can have a web client added to the system for remote access

Vision IPC

  • Intel Celeron or i-series Processor
  • 4 Gbyte Memory
  • 64 Gbyte Solid State Drive fitted as standard (can be increased to 128 or 256 SSD)
  • Windows 7 included as standard

You can download the full price list here

Cost-effective touch panel SCADA package

Products4Automation (P4A) has packaged its Vision 600 or 900 series IPCs with Movicon 11 SCADA/HMI software to provide a highly cost-effective, ready-to-run and simple to deploy touch-screen SCADA solution.

The solution combines the powerful Movicon 11 SCADA software platform with Vision series Intel Celeron-based touch panels running Windows 7, delivering fully featured SCADA with high resolution graphics, powerful alarm management, data recording, historian, trend analysis and recipes as well as control of machines and processes.

The package delivers a top quality, fully featured SCADA hardware and software solution at entry level prices. This enables companies to deploy a full SCADA implementation locally to machines and processes for visualisation and control. Further, because Movicon is a hardware-independent platform deployable at all levels, users can easily migrate to larger implementations of Movicon on more powerful hardware as an application increases in size or complexity. Thus investment in the Movicon/Vision package is effectively future-proofed.

Movicon 11 has a full range of inbuilt tools, including comms drivers for all standard connection hardware (no drivers are required to communicate with another Movicon system) plus a data historian which is usually a bolt-on item, at no extra cost. It offers an all in one development environment for managing HMI, SCADA, soft logic and statistical production data analysis applications. This helps reduce development times and ensures the delivery of powerful, open, flexible and easy to maintain solutions. It can also have a web client added for remote access.

Products4Automation is packaging Movicon 11 on a number of different Vision series touch panels, in screen sizes ranging from 7in to 21in. Features of these powerful yet cost-effective panel PCs include Intel Celeron or i-series processor, 4GByte memory and a 64Gbyte solid state drive fitted as standard. Further features include an increased reliability and a rugged aluminium chassis that delivers aesthetics and low weight.

Display resolutions range from 800×480 pixels for the 7in up to 1920×1080 pixels for the 21in screen. All have a wide angle of view. The number of colours available on screen extends from 262,000 for the smallest unit up to 16,200,000 for the largest. The backlight has an operating life of up to 50,000 hours.
With this new offering, P4A is providing a fully featured, powerful SCADA HMI package that is highly cost effective. It has all the flexibility and cost advantages of an independent solution, but with guaranteed quality and EU based development and technical support.