P4A seminar sees latest SCADA development embraced by potential users

A training seminar has led to a flurry of industrial control and automation installations based on Movicon NExT, the leading edge SCADA package available from Products4Automation (P4A).

This was part of the UK launch plan devised by P4A’s managing director, Paul Hurst, who explains: “Having launched Movicon NExT in early 2017, we took the decision to host an educational event to prepare and inform potential users of the platform. The seminar allowed us to introduce the new features and capabilities in an environment where we could discuss the attendant benefits and applications potential thoroughly and explore real opportunities.”

The seminar was held over two days so that an in-depth presentation could be made and time could be taken for demonstrations, conversations and Q&As. All 20 delegates came away with a clear understanding of the advanced capabilities of Movicon NExT and many had immediate or imminent projects for which they were going to consider the new technology.

NExT is a revolutionary SCADA platform from Progea, the makers of Movicon. Designed to be able to adapt to emerging technologies, NExT is futureproof while its modularity makes it highly adaptable and scalable. Its openness empowers end users to achieve optimum solutions for HMI, Supervision, MES, Historian, Industrial Analysis, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Connectivity and Augmented Reality.

Paul again: “The most impressive thing about NExT is its ease of use. You just select the modules you require and it is very intuitive to install and commission. If you want to change or develop the system later, NExT is completely flexible and adaptable.”
Many of the seminar delegates are now building or using NExT control systems. These new applications include a water treatment works; a waste to energy plant; a new food manufacturing plant; and a crew training rig at a fire station.